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Know about Homeopathy
Popularly every one knows very well about that homeopathy does not have any side effects, all the medicines are well proved in human being, but another very important fact which is poorly known by people is miasm.
Common questions asked by peoples
Doctor both parents affected with diabetes do I have the chance of getting it or any remedy is there in the homeopathy to prevent it. (Genetic/hereditory nature of the diseases)
I am always suffering with one of the other skin diseases why is my skin is so week? (Prone to tissues and organ weakness)
Everybody in the family if they getting cold they will recover very soon may be within 10 days but I am recovering after 2-3 months. It starts as a running nose and throat irritation and settles finally in the chest with severe wheezing I need hospitalisation then I will recover. Why my system is so week to through away the diseases quickly. (Slow to recovery)
I had psoriasis 30 yrs / I had hypertension 35 yrs / I am having vitiligo 20 yrs. (stubborn long standing course of the diseases).
When I am childhood I had stone complaints I was hospitalised and done a surgery they removed all the stones. Within a year again I had stone and then I was hospitalised then they removed it was my routing story as like a cold I had stone in every now and then. Why I had repeated stone even I am drinking enough water and avoiding all kinds of food which is advised by the doctors. And also all the time I will have my joint pain too with elevated uric acid level (diathesis-given case is gouty and uric acid diathesis).
Increasing doses with poor response to treatment and resistant to drugs (resistant to drugs).
Doctor I am shocked about hearing my son he is just 30 yrs he had heart attack and even he was found hypertensive. I had bp at late 55 but why he got it in early age. (Abnormal tendency to have destructive diseases in the early age).
Answer for all above question is directly and indirectly given below
Chronic diseases (MIASM)
Hahnemann (the founder of homeopathy) after he discovered homeopathy. He started practising with homeopathic medicines he found some diseases keep recurring and very difficult to cure, so he started researching and observing. After 12 yrs of continues research in the diseases he come to the conclusion with the theory of chronic diseases that's called miasm.
chronic deep seated root (miasm) which lies in our body is responsible for the development of chronic diseases and which run through generation without cure and produce abnormal tendency to receiving diseases, either which is mild or destructive malignant diseases, and again the miasm is responsible for maintaining diseases in our body with keep on increasing in strength more violent destructive nature Hanemann says that even if you are living with good exercise and having healthy food and very natural environment does not give the cure for your chronic ailments. Even prescribing homeopathic medicines based on symptom similarity will never remove the miasm may be it gives just a temporary relief. It needs proper antimiasmatic remedy.
What is the utility of the miasm to the human being?
If the hoemeopathic physician prescribes the exact antimiasmatic medicines with following strict homeopathic principles then he experience the cure even very stubborn long standing cases.
Cane be easily break the tendencies and diathesis and very well minimise the genetic predispositions.
There are several occasions peoples asking me are other physician doctor I am very well for the past this many days after your medicines do I get the diseases again. If the physician prescribed based on the antimiasmatic then his answer may be the either of one
No you never get the disease again (or)
If the diseases comes again it definitely very mild yield to medicines and recovery will be within short span of life.
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