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First I would like to thank the peoples who are concerned and happy about looking my professional and personal growth (my parents all my professors, my wife ,all my friends ,doctors of allopathic , homeopathy and sidha my relatives and VIPs (patients)etc..)
When I have started my carrier I was worked in multi speciality hopsital. During this period i have exposed more number of cases met so many doctors and get trained how to handle the patient.
And after completing my BHMS I was joined in homeopathic medical college as medical officer and tutor with running my own clinic.
Dr. K. Deivamani BHMS
Then joined as a homeopathic consultant in a famous homeopathic institution here I was trained again in very systematically and analytical way of handling cases starting from very simple cases to highly complicated and even very rare cases. not just one or two cases thousands and thousands of cases here i learned how to diagnose a case how to evaluate the case by homeopathic way and how to prescribe and i have managed them till they are recovered or cured completely.
Minks homeopathy clinic: My thirst to learn and love to see the patients is continuing here with huge clinical experience (10 yrs) and knowledge along with my life partner.
The aim the clinic giving maximum possible results of the diseases, and makes the highest patient satisfaction. Anything can be done if you go in systematic and scientific way of doing things.
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